Finally! A laugh-out-loud book about gardeners

Garden Lunacy is a book for and about gardeners that you won’t be able to put down. You’ll be taken on a hilarious tour of the gardener’s world and meet people trying in vain to get along with non-gardeners. You’ll also encounter gardeners in pursuit of perfect soil, perfect plants, and perfect gardens—all unachievable goals that lead to inevitable frustrations and accompanying eccentricities. 




Within this book you’ll discover: 

      - A translation guide for gardeners and non-gardeners.

      - What Realtors should know about gardeners shopping for a house garden.

      - A not-so-fictitious visit to Hortiholics Anonymous.

      - Front-yard dictators who know what’s best—whether you like it or not!

      - An attack by a killer wren.

      - Gardeners who grow marijuana … outdoors … in the middle of cities.

      - A lesson in plant pirating.

      - The everlasting confrontation between gardeners and critters.

      - The ridiculous horticultural errors made in movies.

      - Multi-million-dollar flower shows, where gardeners wage war for blue ribbons.

      - An On-Death's-Door Plant Society.

      - The nerve-jangling pressure of forcing bulbs for Better Homes and Gardens articles.

      - What it’s really like on the set of a TV garden show,

and much, much more…




Art Wolk is an award-winning garden writer, lecturer, and photographer who communicates the innate humor and joy of gardening in all his publications. He’s won the Garden Writers Association Quill and Trowel Award and is a two-time winner of the Philadelphia Flower Show’s Grand Sweepstakes Award. Wolk has appeared on the Discovery Channel, CBS, FOX, and the Home and Garden TV Network.


Garden Lunacy's jacket was designed and illustrated by famed artist Wendell Minor. The text is perfectly complemented by cartoons drawn by Laurie Baxendell.    


Garden Lunacy is the perfect gift to give yourself or the gardener in your life. What are you waiting for?



The first printing of Garden Lunacy is sold out.

The second printing will be available in January 2024.

To contact Art:


or call 856-751-8286






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