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Symptoms of Garden Lunacy



  • You don’t covet your neighbor’s spouse; you covet your neighbor’s plants.

  • You go to a garden center to spend $5 for things you don’t need, but end up spending $305 for things you don’t need.

  • You spend more money on your garden than your clothes, and you look it!

  • You think non-gardeners are odd enough to merit their own taxonomic classification.

  • You think “blues” refer to a type of ribbon, not a type of song.

  • You refuse to go on vacation during planting season.

  • You think deer crossing signs are notices of opportunity, not hazard.

  • You invite total strangers to see your backyard, but not your relatives.

  • You think the scent of cow manure is better than the scent of Este Lauder.

  • You no longer own house and garden plants; they own you.

And, many more in Garden Lunacy: A Growing Concern  
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