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Garden Tales


Stories of Growth, Mirth, and Rebirth

Garden Tales contains the novella, Girl at Longwood, and two short stories, Sox and Wind's Dream. 


In the novella Girl at Longwood, a boy and girl, just thirteen, have plant-addicted parents. Neither is interested in nor comfortable with the opposite sex. But they have something in common -- they both hate plants and gardening. A chance meeting at Pennsylvania's Longwood Gardens, while hiding from their parents, is the beginning of a tentative on-again, off-again relationship.


In Sox, a small boy, who's discovered the magic that can happen in a garden, wants to learn as much about gardening. And he wants to learn from Sox, a huge, mysterious man with a glorious garden. But Sox wants nothing to do with children, and he harbors a secret too terrible to share. Sox and the boy become an odd couple whose friendship may flourish or disappear. 


Wind's Dream is about a strong-willed woman who's part of a group Stone Age hunter-gatherers. The folk, as they call themselves, are dying out. Because of a drought, rivers are dry, plants are withered, and animals are scarce. In a story that may have been repeated many times during the Stone Age, Wind and her folk face extinction unless something can be done…now

     Art Wolk is an award-winning garden writer, lecturer, and photographer who communicates the innate humor and joy of gardening in all his publications. He’s won the Garden Writers Association Quill and Trowel Award and is a two-time winner of the Philadelphia Flower Show’s Grand Sweepstakes Award. Wolk has appeared on the Discovery Channel, CBS, FOX, and the Home and Garden TV Network.


The Garden Tales cover was designed and illustrated by famed artist Wendell Minor.


Garden Tales is the perfect gift to give yourself or the gardener in your life. What are you waiting for? The price is $27.95.

What they’re saying about Garden Tales


Bravo! The stories in Garden Tales hit universal chords of the human condition that will ring true for every reader.

—Nellie Neal, Garden Mama radio host, National Garden Association Editor and author of  Question and Answers for Deep South Gardeners, Organic Gardening Down South, and Deep South Month-by-Month Gardening

Three poignant, touching stories that revolve around gardens. My favorite tale, Girl at Longwood, has a heroine that I might have married. The focus in Garden Tales is on people in the garden, and reminds us that there’s more growing in them than just cucumbers and petunias.

—George Weigel, Patriot News, author of 50 American Public Gardens You Really Ought to See

The novella, Girl at Longwood, was impossible to put down. And in Sox, the author weaves in a lot of surprises and suspense. Clearly, he remembers what it’s like to be a little kid, trying to make sense of the world.

—Betty Mackey, renowned garden book author and independent publisher

Art Wolk’s Garden Tales has powerful, inspiring stories with plants and gardens playing a critical role in the narrative.    

—Liz Ball, author of Yard and Garden Basics, Pennsylvania Gardener’s Guide, Step-by-Step Yard care, and Month-by-Month Gardening in Pennsylvania




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